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A comprehensive service is best.

One of the greatest failures we see with Overhead Cranes is when clients have us come out to give an inspection and then choose to do the bare minimum in order to cut costs.

It's kind of like when you take your vehicle for a service and they tell you "your engine oil is low, the air filter needs to be replaced and your brakes are worn they could seize within the next few months" and then you just have the oil and filter changed. Three months down the line you start hearing a grinding noise and now your brake disc is damaged too or worse the brakes seize and the car is written off.

Brakes on a crane are the same they ensure the safety of the people working with and around the crane as well as ensuring that you product is not damaged or lost. A lot of Crane companies do a visual inspection when they come to inspect your crane and quote and fix only what they saw with their eyes and nothing more in order to get the job.

Did you know the only way to check a crane's brakes is to take the motor cooling fan cover off? If your technician inspects your crane and doesn't thoroughly open up covers and measure out chains and hooks and do a comprehensive search for possible failures that might happen within the next year, you will be forking out for bigger breakdown costs and call out fees as well as the cost of no production to your company.

There are many crane companies in Saskatchewan that under quote and do the bear minimum in order to get the work. At Venter Cranes we believe that you do it right the first time, which sometimes shoots us in the foot. We are more interested in the safety of your staff than making a quick profit.

If you need an estimate or an comprehensive inspection contact us at or +1 (306) 374 5476 for more info. Visit for more services we offer.



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