Business that is home grown and personal


Venter Cranes


Venter Cranes is a proudly Saskatchewan owned company, founded by Shane & Nicky Venter in 2014. With years of knowledge and experience the goal was to bring something new and fresh to the industry and  Venter Crane Services was established. This family business grew rapidly and in 2017 the company incorporated and became Venter Cranes Ltd. as it is known today. Venter Cranes is a new generation company with fresh ideas to maximize production and reducing running cost. In 2020 Venter Cranes came under the covering and wing of LHSM Management Corporation to create a stronger and even more reliable brand and workmanship to our clients.

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What We Do

We specialize in all overhead crane & hoists. From inspections, repairs & installations to load testing, problem solving, equipment upgrades and more. We also do plant automation's. Upgrading equipment with the latest  and most up to date automation capabilities for more productive and reliable output. We provide our customers with a service that gives them peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing that their overhead cranes, hoists and plant equipment is safe and in compliance with the latest federal and provincial requirements. We modify and modernize electrical and control systems to improve operational performance to meet the high demands of production.

​Our Commitment

To keep equipment well maintained and cost effective. Keeping our customers informed of the latest technology that is available to maximise production and reduce running costs. To always provide safe and reliable solutions for all your lifting & automation needs

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