What to know about Load Testing!

Why Load Test?

Load testing is critically important for any lifting equipment that is either newly installed or been in use for a long period of time. Load testing reveals functional errors that only occur under stress and lowers the frequency and serious nature of incidents involving overhead cranes and hoists. Within Canada Load Testing is required on all lifting equipment to fulfill CSA B167-16 7.3 Load testing 7.3.1 and ASME. SECTION 2-2.1: INSPECTION B30.2.2005. 2-2.2.2 regulations and requirements. Click on the hyperlinks above to see what they entail.

What does the process involve?

An extensive and conclusive check is preformed before and after a load test. This check includes: The deflection of the bridge and any fails within the rope and welds of the crane. The Crane’s required load limits are set in order to stop over loading, this is necessary because over time load limits can go out of calibration from overuse or an incorrect install of the hoist.


After completion of the Load test we supply a cer